02 November 2017 S/D 02 November 2018

Koran : Harian Analisa, 02 November 2018
Sumber : Harian Analisa - Jumat, 02 November 2018


One Year Has Passed

By this day, we don't realize that a year has passed, thank you for,
Understanding us, talking to us, and made time for us,
Don't you worry, life may be tough, but mom and us will always have each other's back
I know that no matter what, you will always be with us, even when life has separated us.
You were everyting to us, you still are
And I will remember what you taught us so well
No matter where we are
To Appreciate the simple things in life
Over one hundred million thousand times we say "I Love You" it has different meaning in it

You will always be in our heart and in our memories

Written by,   
Your Daughter
Your Son    

Always remember you,
Your wife,
Your employees,
And all of your family.

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